A Town On The Cusp

A Town on the cusp at the present that is what the wise woman did say
With new industry it well may prosper for years it has been in decay
The Local youth keep on migrating to big Cities from here far away
They have their dreams and ambitions to follow and here for them little to stay,
A Town on the cusp at the moment 'tis backwards or forwards from here
The population numbers declining three hundred less than this time last year
The young people they keep on leaving for the bigger World out there
Their future is not in their Hometown they will raise their children elsewhere,
A Town on the cusp at the present it does not have a claim to fame
Though the population it is dwindling a nice place to live in just the same
With far less crime than most other places a plus for it the peace and quiet
The beautiful and well kept gardens are blooming in the warm sunlight
But a Town on the cusp says the wise one and she is one who ought to know
Since for many years she has been a Local and less people live here now than years ago.


by Francis Duggan

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