A Trace Of What I Used To Be

Out of all the things that I could see
Through all the pain and things you went through
You were just a trace of what I used to be

Even though we shared the same affliction
And not having a reason why
my pain was more of a sad addiction

Don’t ask me why I had done some things at all
I was cornered and had no where to go
I knew sooner or later I was about to break my fall

They were all so confused at what I had done
I had to Brace myself, and see all the fingers that were there to point
all I could think about is just making a run

Pondering these thoughts over and over again
Their screaming left ringing in my ears
I made a choice which I now regret

As I lay dying only hearing screams and gasps
I knew I had found peace at last

by Joy Howarth

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