Acrostic Poems


E-arth shudders on its hinge
A-ll experience that terrific punch
R-oads crack and traffic stops
T-remors rock and havoc wreaks
H-orror strikes and rubble heaps
Q-uest to save the trapped turns in vain
U-nder the rubble, men scream in pain
A-fter shocks and seismic waves,
K-illing thousands, the disaster leaves.
E-ngulfing gloom swallows the Earth
S-ky high dreams, shattered in death!


G-hastly noises heard around
H-aunted houses with thickets surround
O-ld castles where mysteries abound
S-tarved faces greatly confound
T-errible bats worse than hounds


S-trong and swift the wind blows
T-wirling and twisting delicate blooms
O-rchards strewn with fruits- ripe n' raw
R-ain and thunder snarl and growl
M-aking the sea suddenly shriek and howl.

by Valsa George

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