A Tragic Love Story

If all that separate me and you are elongated fingers
and all those events of my world for a little longer linger

Same control of my action, more control of other's reaction
and whenever who ever, to you will have a great attraction

Control of organisms, mechanics and laws of every kind
No consequence for success or failure, just pleasure in my mind

The tyranny comes not from my subconscious's bitter betrayal
But from the tragic crashing down of your world when mine is unveiled

Women, children, lovers, ailing out of their own, poor existence
When the rubble of the ceiling clears, the light peers in, my world begins.

Dont leave me
Dont leave me
You're my only escape
I'm loving all the things that you take

Stay with me
Stay with me
I need the intake
my only successful thing I can make

by Anderson Archfield

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There is no consequence for success and failure is noticed. The things taken are loved by you. Poor existence provokes thought. We expect that all should live happily. This poem is an excellent poem very well penned.10