A Tragic Story From Kinglake

So many sad and tragic stories from the ashes of Nature's fierce ire
From places such as Marysville and Kinglake of the merciless fire
That burnt it's way through woodland and town
And blackened the landscape that was once green or brown.

In Victoria's tragic fires many stories of heartbreak
Such as the mother and father and their two young daughters and their dogs who died at Kinglake
Such stories of tragedy lives on for years
And in the hardest of hearts even can stir up tears.

For families and relatives and friends of the fire dead only memories remain
Of people they loved never to meet again
And where the fires have been through only blackness today
And that life must go on seems so sad for to say.

A tragic story from Kinglake that was so sad to hear
Of a family and their pets for them I've shed a tear
Their life story in book form may never be told
Suppose Nature did not wish them for to grow old.

by Francis Duggan

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