(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Trail Of Failures

When some begin to leave behind,
A trail of failures easily to find.
There has been a supporting of incompetence.
Too stunning that has overwhelmed,
Those so enchanted by charm.
And obviously not by the missing of wit.
Since something else stunning has overcomed,
The blinding of a consciousness that has been done.
To have misunderstood failures as triumphs.
That would leave those volunteering to accept,
Going under a deep hypnosis.
To quack like ducks and bark like dogs.
Finding themselves objecting to romance,
A continued dance with failure to imagine,
As too much of a stretch for their minds.
Even if they could find a dime in emptied pockets,
To donate to such a conscious outrageousness.

"This craze is too unbelievable,
To perceive the possibility of its belief.
No one in their right mind,
Would find this a financial benefit.
There are many out of their minds,
Entrusted with codes or keys...
To empty bank vaults legally?
And with brains feasting,
On corruption uninterrupted."

Let the sound of my voice,
Take you to places unknown.-

"Oh no.
I ain't buying that.
My ex said the same thing.
Years ago.
And the next thing I knew,
I was signing divorce papers."

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