GJS (Sept.22,1946 / Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario)

A Transaction A Transition A Trajectory

A Transaction A Transition A Trajectory

What a blessing when we are saved
Our sins have been forgiven
Now we're walking in newness of life
By darkness we're no longer driven
And the soul begins its singing
A song from a soul that's set free
That transaction upon trustingin Jesus
Has definetly left an imprint on me

Once my desires were earthly
Now I'm setting my affections on high
I can live above this world
For His Spirit now in me abides
Leaving the past behind me
I'm pressing onwards towards the prize
That transition upon trusting in Jesus
I for certain shall never despise

And one day I'm heading for heaven
With all of the saints who've believed
Not in the power of the flesh for sure
But in that Resurrection whom I have received
For death has lost it's hold on me
My Saviour has seen to that
That trajectory upon trusting in Jesus
Through His Word is definitely a fact

So captivated by His love
I'm resting in His grace
Armed with faith as my victory
I know I shall see His face
I'm a pilgrim bound for higher ground
An heir and joint heir with Christ
Because of that transaction, transition, trajectory
For He's paid my ransom price!

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Gary James Smith

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