A Transparent Illusion [cor]

Lovely - a magician walks horizontally down
the side of a building and makes a fountain
freeze up by his hand's touch, also changes
coconut milk into coffee, leaves an imprint of
his hand ON showcase glass; makes every-
one's cell phone ring at the same time, then

The disheartening vitriolic comments and home-
made explanations for tricks implying everyone
the magician meets is paid to play games with
bottles, cell-phones and rings, to crown it all,
have been sworn to silence on pain of death,
how else explain their silence obtained -

An illusionist levitates in front of a statue and
people rush in with an explanation involving so
much conniving, seems the world's conspiring
to confuse invading aliens from far-off galaxies,
therefore, magic is only enjoyed by ignoring the
Internet where self-righteous people on duty

Spoil the fun of enchantment, hastening to kill
wonderment and indulgence in tricks that can't
hurt anyone: may those who breakfast on prunes
sink into their own low vibration where they can
practice being spiteful with each other and may
great magicians rise high while levitating

Then fly like Joseph of Cupertino and St Teresa
of Avila - may the limits of reality be exposed as
a transparent illusion offering everyone freedom
to do as many magical tricks as we can think of

[10 October 2014]

by Margaret Alice Second

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