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A Treasure In The Attic
(August 10 / Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida)

A Treasure In The Attic

Treasures abound in an attic
if you're patient enough
to wade through
the spiders and dust to find them.

I found a picture of Mama there
in an old camelback trunk
crowded with unknown relatives
in musty photo albums,
dried rose bouquets,
and size six shoe boxes
filled with old love letters.

The photo was crackled,
its corners bent, but there she was.
A bandana tied round her head
almost held the whispy curls
celebrating their freedom
in an ocean breeze,
pants rolled up mid-calf,
cuffs barely skimming the water
and she looked so happy.

How I wish I had known her then -
so young and pretty,
living carefree in a world
filled with Daddy,
before children and cancer.

And in a treasure from the attic,
I found the love I had known
that had so shaped me
throughout my life.
How terribly I miss her.

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Comments (8)

Poem filled with feelings photos a snap frozen from the past...to cast memories back hard to read without a tear. a poetic winner indeed...regards
You brought me back to my own mother's attic...where an old typewriter was my secret love...and there, too, were the photos of strangers from another time, unknown to me...but friends of my mother....they knew her stories long before I did...for that, years after she is gone from me...I am jealous. What a tremendous write. Thank you. PEACE
What a heartfelt poem with treasured memories from the past held dear to your heart. Sincerely, Connie Webb
Tears come with this one CJ. Sid xxx
living carefree in a world filled with Daddy, before children and cancer I loved these few lines, nice that you knew the love your parents had for each other This poem was very touching Dicky Cantrell
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