A Treasured Possession

A Treasured Possession
Can I ever be so?
Of course! Yet it's conditional.

Obey Fully
And keep your covenant
Said my LORD!

Only two out of 600,000
Could make
To enter the Promised Land!

One crowd with Compromised Life:
Running forward
Yet facing behind like Lot's wife!

The other with attitude of World
Running forward
With Egyptian Calf at Heart as Lot did!

But only two with one Goal, one Vision and one God
Ran the race
To get hold of Canaan as that of Abraham!

Caleb and Joshua
Standing Firm even at odd times
Made them to be a Treasured Possession today!

by Queeny Gona

Comments (2)

Standing firm even at odd times is the true measure of one's faith. Having faith in God is not cruising on a boat without storms, it's riding in a boat that no storm could capsize. Lovely piece nicely written with spiritual insight. Thanks for sharing Queeny. Please read my poem POETIC MASTERPIECE..
Wow! That's great Queeny, you share knowledge of your faith beautifully well. It's possible to be that treasure and I believe many are. God bless you and may He give you more insight into the deep things of the Spirit