A Tree

the seed i may grow from may look small
but once i start growing i become big and tall
at the times harsh weather i face
because i am rooted to a place

no option does lie before me
afraid of weather i cant be
for the rainy season i wait
i get upset when it is late

then fruits grow on me
kids eating my fruits i see
that site is really good
i would watch forever if i could

i am happy when spring come
green in rains and winter i become
autumn is most terrible of all
in autumn all my leaves fall

freezing cold during winter i feel
but with it i must deal
for mangoes summer is the season
of my joy that is the reason

a shelter for men i have made
in summer they rest in my shade
helping man is one thing i adore
i wish i could do it more and more

by swasti jain

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