A Tree's Fruit

Good fruit or bad fruit, a tree can only bear one,
This parable was taught by God's one and only Son.

First mentioned by John as a warning for the Pharisees to heed,
But being blind to The Truth, most of them would not believe.

Your life is the tree and your deeds are the fruit,
This is a simple analogy that it hard to dispute.

But the Pharisees who knew the Word and lived in the land,
Were rebuked by John the Baptist, as they didn't understand.

Christians need to produce fruit for the Lord and nothing less,
And all the fruit that we produce should be fruits of righteousness.

Our old nature will produce fruit that comes from the past,
Not only is this fruit bad, but it's the kind that won't last.

Not only is bearing good fruit The Lord's heart desire,
But trees that continue to bear bad fruit may be cast in the fire.

Within your own heart is where the good or bad fruit is stored,
And by your fruits men will know you, is made clear by The Lord.

The fruit of righteousness is a tree of life, was once said,
However, a tree that bears bad fruit may be eternally dead.

What fruit you produce is strictly your choice my dear friend,
And by this choice you will either be blessed or condemned.

( 03/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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