A Tree Speaks Out!

I’m born from seed within the earth,
That’s watered by the sky;
And once the sun bathed me with heat,
Lo! I’m a seedling made.

I drink by roots that prop like feet,
And breathe through leafy pores;
I cook my food in green ‘kitchens’;
God’s love helps me to grow.

And I can feel like any man;
I give all - breeze and shade;
I give myself to men and beasts;
Why then, they destroy me?

May be, like men I can’t reason,
But I can never sin;
I am a dumb creature of God;
A soul, He never gave!

But I don’t fight and I can’t kill,
And I don’t steal, tell lies;
I do my duty as God bids;
I’ll praise Him on ‘LAST DAY’!

Copyright by Dr John Celes

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

Comments (7)

Who really knows what things that don't have souls feel like, but you really captured me here. I now wonder what other things in nature feel like. CAPTIVATING PIECE OF WORK! ! !
This is an innocent poem. It seemed to me as if the baby plant was talking to me.
yes... they do praise God! dan
I've been accused of loving trees more than people... I absolutely love this poem. Joyce
What a wonderful poem, the way that you have used the expressions in this is brilliant.For each there is a purpose. You are very tallented, love Duncan
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