A Tremor In My Heart

I was talking with some friends,
when you appeared out of the blue.
My voice failed in mid-sentence,
at the first sight of you.

When you turned and looked at me,
a tremor in my heart took place.
My heart raced and began thumping.
I saw my dreams in your face.

Your next glance brought with it a smile,
which immediately captured me.
My friends saw the effect you were having,
but you were all I could see.

I apologised for stopping in mid-sentence,
but I had become completely mesmerised.
My friends laughed, jeered and taunted me,
but they don't see the love in your eyes.

by Orlando Belo

Comments (13)

I apologized for stopping in mid-sentence, but I had become completely mesmerized.// beautiful poetic expression
Really a very good poem...dear poet..... thanks
Lovely depiction of love at first sight - an instinctive liking and mutual natural affinity. Powerful and very romantic. Thanks for sharing.
Woww- -This poem is really mesmerizing.You can't help loving it on first reading.Loved at first sight
Who says there's no such thing as love at first sight? This poem is very nice. I like it a lot. Thanks for sharing.
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