'A Tribute For My Friends'

Poem By adam cliff

Rebecca my girlfriend, what can i say?
i love the way you so joyfull and free!
your always there when i need a hug
Laura you always make me smile
i know you will have a shoulder so i can cry
Emma so friendly, so innocent, so small
i love you dudett cause you dont have a care
Kim you've always been there to lend a hand
we've been through hell together
but still we pulled through!
Charlie, my brick, my wall to fall onto
you've helped me so much,
i dont think i can ever repay
And Greg always there with a smile
you lighten up everyones day

I love you guys you are true friends xXx

'This is for my friends that mean most to me in my life! '

Comments about 'A Tribute For My Friends'

Hi Adam, great tribute, excellent poem with some memorable lines - thank you! Neil.
Very touching Adam, this is a poem you will treasure for life. True friends are hard to find. You are a very feeling and caring person, keep up the good work. Continue to write and listen to the whispers that come in the night. II look forward to reading more of your work. Thankyou----Melvina
Hehe it's meeeeee x muah

4,8 out of 5
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