A Tribute Of Sorts To John Brumby

I remember when John Brumby was State Opposition Leader in the media and newspapers every day
Of Jeff Kennett and his Government Projects he did not have a good word to say
But when he became Premier of Victoria he too did things in his own way
For his refusal to enter into dialogue with those who protested his Projects a loss of power was his price for to pay

What the voters did to Jeff Kennett they did to John Brumby as well
They wielded their power swords in a big way but on their own swords they eventually fell
Most politicians do have things in common their own praises they love to sing
And they love power and all that goes with it the glory that such to them does bring

Brumby like Kennett no twenty first century Mandela one can hardly claim John to be great
Like most he craved power in a big way though his own downfall he did create
Political power it can be so addictive even more so than some seem to realize
But everything in life is temporary and one has to fall for another to rise

A tribute of sorts to John Brumby though hardly a resounding hooray
When he was Victoria's State Opposition Leader tough politics he used to play
We can become what we dislike in others does this seem a fair thing to say?
Though it will not be poor, homeless and hungry that he will live his last night and day.

by Francis Duggan

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