A Tribute To A Playa

i will wear a solemn face, a half-broken smile
and cry tears borrowed from your unsuspecting victims
i will stand above you casket
and sing you eulogies roughly scripted
in my head, not scrutinized all night
with a sobbing heart and end up grieving myself
Lord No!
i will pray for your acceptance every night, though
and say no one deserves it more than you
i will not mention the strong bonds you've utterly broken,
the trust you weren't worth nor the hearts that wept
from the blows of Dismay as strong
as those of a cowhide whip
No, i won't mention any of that
though you were always enclosed in brief,
concealed, unofficial meetings with taken women
Rife with Fickleness, Unsrupulousness and Subversion
leaving devoted men demented.

safe trip to wherever you're going
though i won't miss you,
not one bit.

by Stella Sisanda Qishi

Comments (3)

Damn sister. that's a little harsh. but I can understand.
well i dont really know how to say this but who ever makes a woman feel like that must be the devil himself.gud right
Wow, Stella, I pity the fool.