A Tribute To Blake

When I behold the works of Blake, his visions to unfold,
I see the journey I must take to sift out all that gold.
I see the sun, the moon and stars, the tiger and the lamb,
I see Man's sin that often bars from God, the great I AM.
I look at Adam and at Eve, once holy in God's sight,
Until the day they had to leave God's Garden of Delight.
When Satan's subtle serpent's hiss shared whispers soft and low.
Such that nigh Eve, truths went amiss and sins they, too, would know.

When Adam found poor Abel dead, what thoughts ran through his mind?
For Cain, his angry thoughts had fed and rocks weren't hard to find.
And while times past, not even kings were free from sin's embrace,
And were not slaves their underlings, to favour or erase?
To think, that Blake could weave his spell, depict the good and bad
And with his visions, tales to tell, the wondrous and the sad.
And even now, his art survives the centuries untamed,
With verses scrawled, till truth arrives, anointed and enflamed!

What righteous thoughts the prophet shared, recalling Bethlehem,
A thousand angels Heaven spared near to Jerusalem.
The poet knows their harmonies, the artist knows their joys,
No wonder, then, Blake pictured peace with Scriptures as his choice.
Such precious prose writ for that time, produced a millionfold,
Such that his legacy's sublime, distinctive, faithful, bold.
Could you devote your life to art? Could you excel like Blake?
If so, God bless your noble heart, as you, your journey take!

Denis Martindale, copyright, October 2012.

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