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A Tribute To Dr. John Fenn *
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A Tribute To Dr. John Fenn *

The very worst invention is
One that isn't a whiz
At balancing the books
Or even giving them second looks.

No this invention of man
Does all that it possibly can
To enslave one and all
With its beacon call.

For the worst invention
Is the one that creates disruption
As it goes about
Giving freebies out.

As one might guess
The invention is no more or less
Than the Government
That never does repent.


There’s an awful lot of luck in research on analyzing biomolecules, Fenn said 'In fact, there’s a lot of luck in science. To succeed as a theorist, you have to be good. To succeed as an experimentalist, you only have to be lucky. As an experimentalist, you can go through life kicking over a lot of stones, and, if you’re lucky, you’ll find something.” Fenn died 12/10/2010.

Unfortunately, the dark science, if it is a science at all, is social science with its worst bed partner, “political science.” Inventing solutions to problems that don’t exist. Then giving them a life of their own. Alstdair MacIntyre in “After Virtue” takes the social scientist to task. Or, as Robert Wright penned, “Virtue Can Hurt You.” In Kismet.

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