MA (7th February / Lagos, Nigeria)

A Tribute To Gani


It was just yesterday in September,
He was laid to rest in golden casket
Though he lived a golden life to deserve more
Yet as men do,
The celebration of hypocrites comes after demise
Rare Wig gawk the myriads in honour of a true luminary


It was just yesterday,
Jailed for truth by country rebels for rights
Turned and tortured by oppressor still alive
Resisting venomous illegality where chickens bowed in shame
Bathed in the common cruelty of state sponsored arm brigand

It was just yesterday,
He roared in courts, despising the hazards
Burned in passionate loathing of poli-tricks of exalted liars
Exposing furtive murderer, masquerading in rocks of our honour
Renown, revered, amongst true patriots

It was just yesterday,
He was stripped of a long deserved honour,
Tyrants shirked to disdain the true leader of the masses
Scholars rode over stupidity and proclaimed
The First SAM, first and yet not another


It was just yesterday,
He pierced their conscience, with a party
To revive the glory of leadership by involvement
Alas, the innumerable powers of evil men in nocturnal overrule
Vetoed a woe of corrupters, imposed dishonour like leprosy
And we rot in honour as we go still


It was just yesterday,
He was numbered with great world changers
Like, Mandela, Luther, Churchill
Will be remembered not only as a Lawyer, SAM or SAN in sand
But as a true fighter, an indefatigable orator, with an unswerving ardour
For the oppressed, the voiceless poor masses,

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Comments (2)

Beautiful tribute to an icon of freedom, human right and social justice. An insightful poem with substance and merit. Thanks for sharing bro.
your words are wham.t Gani was and all he did, i feel you must have known him in person....... wonderful poe