A Tribute To Graduates Of 2018 (Tanka # 2)

Graduates of Twenty Eighteen;
Reap the fruits of seeds
you've sown so well for tough years;
Another milestone unfolds.

by Jez C Brul

Comments (13)

excellent tanka poem on tribute to the graduates
Education is the foundation of a successful life. The graduates of 2018 are paving their way to a bountiful future. Congratulations, Graduates. A succinct write yet so profound.10++++
A ringing tribute to graduates who have studied hard to achieve their goals. The graduates richly deserve to succeed. Much can be said in a tanka, as you prove.
Yes, it is the time for the graduates of 2018 to harvest the fruits of their labors after hard toil. This theme is so nicely painted by u dear madam in a brief manner with photograph. Congratulations to them with your son. Thank u.
Congratulations to you as well, Jez. It's a wonderful tribute
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