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A Tribute To Loyd C. Talyor

Reclamation is the word today,
As the conservation movement
Comes into sway,
Permitting reuse of the essential elements.

So, when it comes to pass
That Loyd C. is going to his final resting place
The grave diggers will have to halt the final mass
So scavengers can have their race,

To see what's of value in the remains,
Perhaps a bit of rare earth elements
Or scraps of silver, gold and lead the body contains
That when recycled will be offered to the god of waste providence.

Then in a final gesture to all
Old Loyd C. will rise above them all
And go to his place where
There is no need for parts to replace his worn out gear.

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Hello Sidi J Mahtrow What a wonderful tribute and O, how I enjoyed it. I am so happy that you found some inspiration from the poem A Dilemma. You have a great whit about you and a very enjoyable way of writing. Thank you again, Loyd C Taylor, sr