MA (March 27,1951 / India)

A Tribute To Motherhood-2

From the time
Of conception,
A mother
Nurtures like a gardener,
Who plants a seed
And tenderly
Watches it
Growing from a sapling to tree.

Her heart
Has the width of the sky.
She can’t hold anything
Against her children for long,
Even if she tries.

Her generosity,
Like that of the Sun
Which gives,
Life and light
To everyone

She is like a tree,
Rooted and grounded.
Where weary travellers
Come to rest
And birds build their nests.

She is humble like a river,
On the banks
Of which
Since creation,
Man has built civilizations

a mother,
The whole cosmos.

She has something of Divine
It’s no coincidence-
It was so by God designed.

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oh lovely i dunno wot to say of this im speechless n im literally into tears this is not only a tribute to motherhood but an advice for those who dnt care for the precious motherhood those tread their mothers in their later yrs i love this 10 10 10 i love this
very very nice..........
Mother is always sacrificing everything for her country. Nice poem
It's no wonder early civiizations believed in the goddess as the universal power and all life does flow from our mothers...with a little help from us...beautiful sentiments...Coach
So well said! ! I loved it, great work! !
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