A Tribute To My Aunt

I’ll allow myself to sleep
My aunt Samia is with her maker
The secrets that we keep
Will no longer ache her

I’ll love you forever
Like I loved you before
And I’ll never never
Find like your love anymore

Thank you is not enough
To do you justice
You took us through the tough
Times; you were tough bliss

Rest in the best place to be
Rest in the peace you bestowed
To those around you like me
You gave all of us the love you never owed

Sometime somewhere again we meet
I’ll know you I know I’ll know you
And that’s the way we’ll all greet
The love we all know we owe you

by Ragy Sandid

Comments (13)

Sweet! Keep her memories alive.
Very good poem to your aunt.
Beautiful poetic tribute to honor your Aunts memory.. a ten..
congratulations for beautyful poem!
Congratulations on your poem of the day.
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