A Tribute To My Revered Father

My Father was a great teacher,
Good husband to my good Mother;
He taught his pupils very well;
In an old house, did he dwell.

Well he reared his children seven!
Lived for up to eight times ten;
His forehead sweat fell on the soil;
My Father so well, did he toil.

A man who possessed great talents;
And honesty par excellence;
Cheap Politics did he eschew;
This world hath seen but very few.

He lived in humble conditions;
A law-abiding citizen;
He gave us good education;
And raised us well in religion.

He’as born and bred in piety;
And rose in popularity;
A logic-man, Philosopher;
None could him well decipher.

A versatile man, Orator;
He tried to make a new order;
Oppressed, he died with plenty peace;
Yet in god, he lived in ease.

His learning to him was his wealth!
Together with his body’s health;
And she was great too, my Mother;
Who well-supported my Father.

A human ‘immortal’-being!
With yeoman-service worth seeing;
He loved the poor and downtrodden;
That fetched him place sure in Heaven.

But one day when he died, I cried!
By Heaven’s words, he did abide;
God-fearing, undaunted, he left;
For his great soul, a lot I wept.

I see him as a bright new Star!
In the night-Sky clearly, afar;
Oh what a great man Father was!
Truthfulness was his greatest cause.
Fondly dedicated in loving memory of my beloved father
Shri. A.T.Antoniswami M.A., L.T., Coimbatore

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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After reading this piece, and examining it some more. I found it to be really compelling to write a piece like this for your father. I will do the same for my father later on when I can think of one poem to write to him. I so much am in awe on this great creation.