Remembering Archie And Mary-Ann Baxter (On The Hollowfields)

Arbitrary smoke blown
over hills, puffed
in eternal silence.

The cherry burns red
like the final glimpse
of life,
Like the faded granite
tombstones and marked

Every stone tells a story.

Wives outliving their
soulmates by over a decade
their own fate questionable
- heartbreak? or
something equally
unnatural as love

Regardless, the irrelevance
consumes even the
field they were buried.

Surrounded by neighbours
they never met and
never heard of, as if
transcending time, to
live amongst each other
in unspoken difference.

The birds chirp and show
off above the grass and
trees. Flowers, gifts
and not, brightening neutrality.

Where peace is truly
bestowed upon those
who deserve it.

by Kale Beaudry

Comments (2)

A very lovely poem as a great tribute to your better half 10
After all, marital love is great. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks