A Tribute To Queen Elizabeth Ii Of U.K.

I salute you, Your Majesty The Queen
I am so proud that I am a contemporary of your glorious reign.

Your presence is the backbone of your country, the all beautiful England
You are the constant source of lifeblood for this great and illustrious land.

You represent the ethics and values that earned the Britishers such a worldwide fame
Without you your beloved country would have been morally lame.

England is so lucky, that it has such a great and noble ruler
Your country’s future is rock solid and steady, as it has you as its pillar.

You will live and reign for many more years, that is what we all hope
You might be the Queen of England, but you are respected all over the globe.

We always pray to God for your life’s longevity
However, you have already achieved the historical immortality.

by Raja Basu

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Irrespective of the fact that our nation was under colonial rule for more than two centuries, as u rightly observed the Queen is respected all over the world. But surely there has been no Queen's rule. You must read Plato and Aristotle etc. other Greek and Roman philosophers who considred Democracy as the worst system and a reign of King (not a dictator) as best. Thanks for this piece Sir