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A Tribute To The Sick, The Disabled And The Aged. God's Instrument For The Atonement Of The Sins Of The World. Eternal Wisdom

My limbs are now weak and weary
God of wisdom, hear me today
Let the world's leaders know
It's time to bow their heads to you.

Fiery ordeal that life demands
A heavy yoke on ailing ones
On toilers bestow more strength
Hope and warm corners to creep in.

Stiff fingers now painfully wave
Had once before caressed with love
Let music continue to flow
From chords and fervent hearts that glow.

Songs of nature and hymns of praise
Vibrate strange echoes in my ears
Let the faithful hear, may I plead
As angels sing the word of God.

Rainbows, sunsets and stars above
Dimmed bleary eyes strived to perceive
Let the splendour of your creation
Make arduous the hearts of young men.

Parched throat struggles to vocalize
The doom's day all must realize
Help me wail the long lost words
"Embrace, make peace, throw down the swords.

These lips now falter and stammer
Gifts of lives, humbly I implore
You gave and took, let be my mind
So I could pray for all mankind.

God is so wise and wonderful; just when everybody sees you as unserviceable, unemployable and dispensable, He provides with the strongest force on earth - the capability to pray.

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