**a Tribute To The Stone Age!


Geologists tell us that the Stone Age of Man, -
Lasted from some 50,000 to 4000 BC!
Followed by Copper, Bronze and Iron Ages,
As a part of mankind’s recorded history!
In Anna-Barbera’s animation –‘The Flintstones’,
We see the ‘modern stonic family’of Fred and
Barney, -
Residing in the pre-historic city of Bedrock, -
Giving us a glimpse of Stone Age history!
It is an allegory to the American Society of mid-
twentieth century, -
With dinosaurs, saber-toothed tigers and wooly
mammoths, -
Co-existing with the bare-footed cave man!
Now, with the progress of civilization, humans
progressed too!
With tempered steel and titanium space rockets, -
And what have you? !
And soon after another World War, we shall return
to that Age of Stones, -
Fighting with bows and arrows, with Fred and
Barney in control!
Stones speak the language of the dead,
Stones offers a soft pillow under their heads!
Mankind’s history remain etched in stones, -
No inventions can outstrip the beauty of the
-Raj Nandy
New Delhi
28 Mar 09
(The facts mentioned are all authentic!)


Comments (3)

We should I suppose, treat the Flintstones as an educational cartoon, to prepare us for our future life. I enjoyed this poem.
very informative- stone age and flintstones- full of your philosophical astuteness. you always take me by surprise with your wide range of interests., and thorough research of historical facts.10 Mamta
Factful...I need lots of re-readings to grasp...and I will do...thanks for a great informative poem10++++++++++