A Tribute To The Three Filipino Workers

A Tribute to the Three Filipino Workers
Beheaded in Saudi Arabia

(Floyd Salabao, Rogelio de Leon and Franklin Alina beheaded Friday, January 20,1996, hung for public display from noon til 4.30 pm)

Now it comes again
Your precious blood flows out of you
that fateful Friday noon.
Once again the blood cries out
and torments our own soul.

The story of your crime
is heard only from your accusers
after your arrest in October.
Your own story is a complete prison-
an oblivion in the dark cell, sealed
and locked by your inability
to speak the Arabic language
of the authorities.

Now it comes again
Your precious blood freely flowing
tormenting every conscience
to know the truth, to unlock
the seal of your oblivion.

What could have happened
Your family and kin inquired
The human rights group based
in London also raised
the same question.

But no, there is no time, no time
for you to tell your own story.
No, the time of your life
is locked up in your cell of oblivion.

But your blood that drips
from where you are hanged today
flows to the ground
consumed by the sand
which yet leaves cries
that echo to our land
and torment our soul and conscience.

by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

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