MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

A Tribute To William Bronk, Poet.

There you have him, and you have him not..
his life, his poetry;
humility, yet
the glimpse of glory;
the glimpse of glory, yet

There’s how it is; and how
it seems. And poetry.
So poets say, of how it seems, that
‘it’s as if…’
and of how it is, they say that
‘it’s as if..’

for thus we are to know
the slender, swinging, fearful
in its impertinent height over
awful depths, rope bridge
of words across the chasm,
life, below, fast flowing,
the poet carrying a thin scribbled sheet
with undescribably great love

about how it is, and
how it seems,
about how it seems, and
how it is
and on the sheet,
‘As if..’
We’ll understand.

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I love the turning of the it seems is how it is, and is it how it seems? A play on words, but magnifying the thoughts very well....As if we'll understand. Great depth of thoughts here, those that cause me to stop and ponder the twists and turns of life...