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A Trickle Of Thought - 4

Oh, how I envy
The birds that can fly
To distant places
They can navigate the world
Without fear of border patrols
They can even soar
To heavens above.

Copyright 2019, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved

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Birds! ! ! Flying over, Everywhere! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Indeed, I envy the birds that can fly either, they can even soar to heavens above...... WOW! What a greatest relief! I could that once in one of my dreams, soaring highest above.........fascinating poem, brillianty worded, dear Mrs.Juan-Austin. Truly an inspiring thought. Perfectly conveyed. Up YoMyPoemList. A 10 Full Score poet friend
Man has not only divided the earth in various parts, he has divided even the heavens. Earth or heavens for the birds it's still united.
Yes indeed, but wait till they can control the skies as well, the drone birds have already arrived, and till then we can envy the birds
This poem stirs up those important discussions that have gone awry in our world. Freedom of movement is part and parcel of our nature and no border can stop it. Rose, thanks for this thrilling piece of thought.
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