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A Trio Of Songs
SC (November 13,1992 - / )

A Trio Of Songs

Poem By Stephen Carey

I had thought I had finally got it right,
When I looked on your face and saw your light,
But I found that I had not, with all of my might,
And I left, never to see you again, running swift to the night.

As I left you for the last time,
I felt, however wrong I might have been,
That in the end I would be fine,
But the truth came.
Truth came to me in a message.
A message from an angel,

And the message came
In twelve separate parts.
And though after the first three
I had learned the truth,
I listened to them all,
Listened and repeated all of the dozen parts.

I went through the first part,
it told me how I wish for you to notice me.
I already knew all it said,
But it was like the first time I really realized,
And tears came to me eyes
As the part came to its end,
And I awaited the next,
For maybe it would cause me less pain.

The second part of the message came.
It told me of how I wanted to protect you,
To keep you from
Having your heart broken,
Being blinded by darkness,
I wanted to carry you.

The third part of the message came.
It told me I didn't know how I felt about you,
But that I felt it in the way I felt it in the way I felt it in the way,
And I remembered the night I met you,
How you had looked so perfect
And how I was drawn to you.

The first trio of parts of that message had done their job,
Had woven their spell around me,
My emotions poured from me like never before,
The same as the tears poured from my eyes,
And I sobbed loudly,
What this message was doing to me.

The rest of the message
Came and went,
Me crying all through it,
But from the first three parts,
The message was clear.
I love you and you're gone.

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