O(H) ’, O(H) ’

Nearly all the Irish descendents have to change their surnames,
Because Microsoft and Mac’s,
(the bloody Scots) do not recognize apostrophes.
They kind say “It does not compute, it does not compute.”
Like the Robot said on the Jupiter II.
For some unknown reason to me,
-the apostrophes signify a part of a program.
Through the binary language,
it may represent a self-destruct program as far as I know.
Carroll O’Connor, that proves it,
-he had an apostrophe when he died,
Jackie O’ died, Peter O’Toole died,
Sir Lance O’ Lot is dead;
Whack O’ Jackson is dying,
(he literally is falling apart) .
Turlough Carolan[1]
(Irish name, Toirdhealbhach Ó Cearbhalláin,1670 - March 25,1738) ,
he died,
This is not a coincidence,
Sinead O’ Connor is not dead yet,
-but rise to music is.
Gilbert O’ Sullivan,
-his music survives on MUZAK, (it died filing bankruptcy)
He will be “Alone Again (Naturally) ” eventually.
This is Big Blue Conspiracy,
I’m glad that my name is Rosochacki,
Wait a minute there,

However I did make a CD of Irish songs entitled The Polish Rover(s) ,
By Joe (O’) Rosochacki, ---Awe O’Fudge.


by Joe Rosochacki

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Wow, keep telling it like it is with your wisdom and talent. There is always something new for me to ponder when i come read a poem. Your poems are so real. Thank you for sharing :)
Very well defined! ! After sin comes the endless guilt.
useful lessons embedded in these pearls of wisdom
Well said, it seems even after our apologies are accepted, the wrong eats at us. Our guilt fairy; -)
The past is gone and can not be changed, but you can learn to forgive yourself which is the greatest forgiveness on can give. A beautiful write one in which I can feel your pain.
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