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A Trucker's Life
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A Trucker's Life

Poem By Dawn Keller

I woke up this morning and thanked the lord above
Another day that I get to spend with my family
I got out of my truck to go into get my coffee
The traffic outside was packed with many families

Walking into the gas station
fighting my way through the crowds
I find the coffee station completely empty
Many don't realize what I do for a living

I grab my coffee and head up to the register
The cashier greats me with a smile on her face
I pull out a pocket full of change
Without hesitation she continues to smile

After I finish paying, I head out the door way
The fuel pumps are still packed
With families fueling to make it home
I continue to my truck and look at the highway

It's a Sunday morning so I know it will be a busy day
Traffic all around me I continue to scan
I can prepare for what the road has in store for me today
As I drink my coffee I continue to do my morning ritual

Time to look over my truck and trailer
Need to make sure everything works and nothing is broken
This machine I drive is long and big
It can hold up to 80,000 pounds of freight

Each day I move from city to city I sit and wonder
How many people appreciate truck drivers
And how many despise us being on the road
I don't think many realize what I do for a living

My life can be complicated at times
But it can also be rewarding at times
I had a stranger come up to me at a truck stop
She didn't speak fluent English

Somehow I understood what she was trying to tell me
She looked at me and gave me a hug
With her son standing next to her they asked me for a picture
I nodded and agreed to take one with her

She lifted up my spirits that day
It was unexpected to feel wanted and understood
Very few people know what we sacrifice out here day to day
Many nights away from home never knowing when we will be back

I get home as often as I can but making money keeps the bills paid
It gets lonely out here but I have my two cats to keep me company
Cinder and Derby are my companions out on the road
They make each day go by very easily.

Cinder hides on the top bunk bed while I move on down the highway
Derby is more rambunctious and moves around during the drive
She will always keep me company during our trips
Making me smile and shake my head everyday

She has so much energy in her old age but she has slowed down
Many times she has taken a tumble but she always gets back up
I don't know what I would do without them
Sometimes a furry companion is all you need to make it day to day

Time to take a break and eat lunch at the truck stop
Choosing between fast food or making something on the truck
Not many healthy choices out here to choose from
I try to make the best decision that I can make

Break time is over and it's time to hit the road again
It's mid afternoon now, traffic will become hectic
I know I will make my delivery today and another driver
Will continue to take the delivery to a store

Knowing that I keep America moving is the greatest joy
From city to city, Shipper to receiver
My job is done at the end of my daily run
Knowing that I did my part to keep the store shelves full

America will always have stocked stores and dealerships
As long as the wheels keep turning on all eighteen wheelers
No matter what complications we may face out here every day
I will always know that my part is done.

No matter how you may feel about truck drivers
Please take time to thank one today
I know some are slobs and mean but
Saying thank you may help brighten their day

Written July 30th,2017

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Comments (3)

Dawn, Very nice poem. This is one of the toughest jobs in America, putting their lives on the line each and every day! ! I rate a 10.
Thank You! ! There are many jobs out there that do a lot for this country that deserve much respect.
Great write about the life of a trucker. Truckers should be shown a lot of appreciation for the work that they do.