A True Battler

He knows all about life's battle knows what hard times are about
Though quite often down on his luck he refuse to be counted out
Not unlike the champion boxer everytime he hits the floor
He resfuse to throw the towel in raises again and fights some more
Out of work not of his own fault on the poor side of the town
With a wife and two young daughters he has reason to feel down
Yet he never complain or grumble or say that life on him is tough
He is truly the true battler people like him rare enough
Manages to keep on smiling despite his setbacks in life
He believes that times will get better for him and his daughters and his wife
Six months ago the factory he worked in closed forever since he has searched for work every week day
He believes he will get a job start hope for the better with him stay
He is truly the true battler of the poor side of the town
He is smiling through his tough times hard to keep a good man down.

by Francis Duggan

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