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A True Fairy Tale Is A Treasure To Behold
BN (19/03/1979 / Swansea)

A True Fairy Tale Is A Treasure To Behold

Poem By Ben No

I went away
to a magical land
where sedatives flowed like wine
and there were no sharp objects
and a handsome prince
in a white uniform
attached things with wires
to my head
and gave me something to bite on
and jazzed me away
to an even more magical land
where nothing existed,
not even me.

When I came back
the handsome prince
told me I was better
but they might need to send me back
a few times.
So off I went.

This land was like the moment between sleeping and waking
but forever and ever
and ever.

The handsome prince
would put me in rooms
with all kinds of goblins and elves
and monsters
and sometimes I'd cry
because I was scared
so they'd give me
a special blue drink
to make me happy
(and quiet)

After lots of talking
and lots of food that was
very small and round
(you needed lots of water
to go with the food)
and some more special blue drink
now and again,
they sent me to that place
between sleeping and waking
one last time
then said I had to go home.
The handsome prince patted my shoulder and said,
I think you're ready.

So I came home,
and people who didn't know
about my magical trip
had thought I was dead.
And some cried when they saw me.
And some shouted at me.
And some ignored me.
But I didn't care much
because it turned out
that they had been right
in all the ways that counted.

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Comments (1)

Ben No: Wow! The final lines of this hit with a heavy emotional impact that (ironically) is missing from the poem itself, told in the robotic voice of electro-shock calmness... -chuck