A True Friend

A true friend will always help
They will be honest
No matter what happens
They will always be the fairest
A true friend will always know you

A True friend
Will always know when you're happy or sad
They will always stick to you till the end
They will know when you're glad
If you're hearts filled with sorrow, they will mend

A true friend
Will never give up with friendship
Even if it's a big fight
They will always help when you slip
And get hurt

If you're feelig down
They will come
And it feels like you got a crown
They will take away your lonesome
A true friend
Everybody will someday have

A true friend
You can find
Anywhere, anytime,
They won't decline

A true friend
Will come
At the right time
At the right place

by Liz Gellur

Comments (3)

hi liz this poem is really goooooooooooooood goooooood meaning to it
Very good description. We all need this kind of friend. If one is lucky enough to have such a friend they should be very thankful. Thanks, I enjoyed reading this. Richard
until you loose a friend sometimes you will not know how truly valauble they were. Thank you for the kind thought, Liezelle