A True Friend

He laughed and I laughed with him,
He joked and I joked too,
He smiled and took away despair,
And with it, the doldrums flew.

He raised my spirits upwards,
And left no dread behind,
He was the perfect anecdote,
He was so sweet and kind.

The heart can become heavy,
With all the pressures found,
And when this starts to happen,
You need him to be around.

We all need some uplifting,
We all need light relief,
If one can do this for someone,
It's a gift beyond belief.

© Ernestine Northover

by Ernestine Northover

Comments (10)

i love the last stanza here, Ern..it says it all. And what a true friend i have in you..as well as Sandra Fowler and Alisson..How blessed i am to have you all here in PH. Take care always and i love you so much.. God bless you. Hugs, Meggie
A most profound poem Ernestine.You are so right about the gift of having friends to help us through the dark hours. As someone once said 'A friend in need is a friend indeed'. Best Wishes Ernestine xx
We all need uplifting, sometimes. We all should have such a friend. Excellent write, wonderful tribute. Thanks for sharing Richard
A very warm and fitting tribute, excellent writing. Andrew x
A true gift of wisdom exquisitely wrapped in your fine words. Precious write, Ernestine! ! Brian
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