(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A True Friend

A true friend,
Needs not to express a depth felt.
Nor does a true friend,
Try to hide their intentions.
Or seek to convince others,
Of their personal feelings meant.
Or would consider with others,
A lamenting of what a 'true' friend...
Has done to them with a gaining of an empathy.

A true friend will be there,
Sharing regardless of the circumstances...
That comes between them to prevent misunderstanding.
A true friend does not question,
An honesty that has been presented from the beginning.
A true friend says it like it is...
Without threating a friendship that diminishes and ends.
With a moving away from any consideration of a forgiving,
To forget what should not have made one upset.

When an investment proves not to be beneficial,
Why continue making deposits to get familiar results?

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