A True Friend For Life

Your partner has left you and with her taken the children to live with her new intimate love friend
Your love for each other has come to an end
But your dog true to you is happy with you to stay
For as long as she or he live till their life's final day

The love of dogs for their masters is an unconditional thing
And every day to you such joy they do bring
The love of your dog for you is an unrequited love indeed
For a walk every day a few pats and a feed

Fond memories of my past dog friends remain evergreen
Brandy, Rose and the two Jacks, Pudsy, Jedder, Rupert and Bobeleen
There is a special place for them in my memory
And in fancy from time to time they visit me

For as long as she or he in them do have life's breath
Your dog will remain true to you until death
You may lose the love of your partner or wife
But in your dog you do have a true friend for life.

by Francis Duggan

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