A True Friend Of Nature

Not even well known locally yet about him much to like
A friend of the environment his main transport is his pushbike
With him there's little carbon emissions he cycles to and from work every day
He does not have a car or a motor bike environmentally conscious in every way
He does not eat fish or meat products such is the sacrifice he does make
For the love of his beloved Earth Mother a vegetarian for her sake
A person with a great love of Nature he knows every bird by it's song
You ask him what animal or bird that is he will tell you on such things he is never wrong
Not even a local identity not a member of a sporting or a social club
A non drinker and a non smoker one never seen at the local pub
Yet a friend of the Earth and of Nature and a good person in every way
If everyone were only like him the Earth would be healthier today
He pedals to work in the morning and back home when his shift is done
It surely did take a good mother for to raise such an honourable son.

by Francis Duggan

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