SLB (September 6th / Calgary, Canada.)

A True Friendship.

We have never shared a genuine Smile,
a Smile that starts with the lips...
then travels up to the eyes,
putting a gleam where vacant eyes once were.

We have never shared a Sincere laugh,
one that begins way down in the belly...
causing it to heave and tighten til it reaches the chest
and erupts loadly and uncontrollably out of a open mouth.

We have never really shared,
a difficult time that makes us weep,
therefore not opening ourselves up to be comforted...
those tears bind one to another in amazing ways.

Without sharing these things,
we have never never truly experienced,
the essence of each other character and true being,
or the weakness within that many times we hide.

When we laugh, cry or Smile, real Smiles,
it says so much about who we are as people.
So please, just open the door just enough,
to let our aquaintance flow into a 'true' friendship.

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Comments (2)

Your words are full of truth Shelley, we must open ourselves up and give of ourselves as well to develop a true friendship. A true friendship involves, always being there for each other, in happy times, sad times, through smiles and tears, standing by each other year after year, always having time to listen, truly listen. Wonderful poem Shelley.--Melvina--
Very well scripted Shelly, says it all and more an' the structure lacking nothing makes the total package complete.......well done...