A True Gentleman

Tired of his boring existence and tired of his ever nagging wife
And tired of his job and the workplace and generally tired of life
He wakes at 5 A M from monday to friday to go off to work for the day
Nothing in life for him easy he works hard for every pay.

Tired of his demanding children a boy of eight and a girl of ten
It can be truly said of him that he's not the happiest of men
He goes home tired every evening but rest at home he cannot find
His nagging wife and screaming children are driving him out of his mind.

Tired of being taken for granted though the sole bread winner of the house
Lowest in the pecking order ruled by his children and spouse
Some might say that is his own fault but he is not rough in any way
Men like him who are quite gentle never get to have their say.

He does not have anger in him he's good at bottling up stress
And though his personal problems seem many he manages to smile nonetheless
When his youngest becomes self dependent he plans to start a new life elsewhere
Till then he feels bound by duty people like him are so rare.

A true gentleman he is surely his type are hard to be found
Bound by his duty to family not many like him around
Yet he is taken for granted by his children and his spouse
And though he is the family bread winner he is not the boss in his house.

by Francis Duggan

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