A True Mother's Love

A mother's love is consistent
and patient, it will never fade.
A mother's love is warm and
compassionate, even in the

by Patarica D. Nunn Click to read full poem

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excellent poem i love my mother.........
I am moved by your poem about mother's love..It is true...nothing can be compared to Mother's love....
''Congratulations on your wonerful poem! '' (Top 175)
i luv ur pouem i am 12 and mi mum died 6 months ago i no wat u mean by a mothers luv ]
I really love this poem. my mother died 12 years ago of cancer. She found out 1 day she was sick and she died 3 moths later. You hit the nail on the head about my mother's love. Keep writing, it helps me and i'm sure others to always remember the good things about their mothers. I wrote a poem about my mom.I'm really not a poet but I try, I like to write things that come from my heart. Suzanne,
My mother passed away when I was 12...now I am 18....I cannot explain how hard it was and still is to live her....I am still depressed...and I am all alone and your poem is such a fine description of mother's love.
My mother has died last year, when i read this poem i can feel that how my mum was great and i am lost without her.
Could not have said it better myself. A great love and no chance of hate poem. 10 from Tai ed too mother, is ok
You are very lucky...Sincerely, Mary