A True Patriot

He doesn't feel his is a superior race
Nor is he not your average patriot though he has a sense of place
He never has travelled far from his Hometown
And he has never yearned for wealth and renown.

Of the National flag he doesn't seem very proud
And when the National team play he's never one of the crowd
In the National sporting stadium with ninety thousand others or more
For to add to the noise and the deafening roar.

Yet his neighbour a disabled widowed pensioner who lives on her own
Says as good a person as he is she never has known
Out of the goodness of his heart and without asking for pay
He brings to her the shopping and helps her in every way.

One might say he is the quiet man of the street
Untainted by arrogance or by conceit
To his higher self he is one who is true
To the unsung hero is credit not due?

A hard-working fellow he leads a pure life
Devoted to his young children and to his wife
And he finds the time to help out the less privileged in his spare time
Yet he has never been honoured in song or in rhyme.

For God or for Country he never will die
Yet he is a far greater person than I
He is a true Patriot would you not agree?
And you won't find many as honourable as he.

by Francis Duggan

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