A True Redneck

He says he is good for the Country he goes to his job every day
And he works damn hard for a living and he's never drawn easy pay
And he is down on all dole bludgers he sees them as without a soul
Though he never tells anybody that he has two sons on the dole.

He don't like Black fellows and Asians and all migrants as such he dislike
And he is down on the Trade Unions and all workers who dare to strike
Last year his workmates struck for higher wages and won a raise of ten dollars a day
A raise that he gladly accepted but that's one thing you won't hear him say.

For poor people he don't feel pity sees them as a burden on the State
If every one were only like him this country would surely be
The bosses would have plenty money and everyone would be employed
Why people are poor sad and hungry is because they lack in
self worth and pride.

On Saturday he goes to the footy to barrack for his football team
And that they win the flag in September of such a great success he dream
He drinks with his mates at the local and goes home to swear at his wife
And this is the man who will tell you he has made a success of his life.

The man of course is a true Redneck but there's one like him on every street
And in all different creeds and races a person like him you will meet
The Redneck lives in his own small world though he can't see himself as small
Whilst the majority of people are fair minded and believe in a fair go for all.

by Francis Duggan

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