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A True Story
FEB (May 14,1953 / Pittsburgh, PA)

A True Story

Poem By Faith Elizabeth Brigham

caught in traffic
in downtown orlando
on our way to meet up
with friends from
out of town
the traffic light
at livingston turns red

we are in the
right hand lane
when i notice a lone male
in the left lane
in a car same make
and model as ours
ogling me from a far

eventually my husband
sees the man stare
asks under his breath
why's this nut
staring at our car
my husbands curiosity
overwhelms him and he
calls out the window
to him asking if
he wants our car

the stranger shakes
his head and grins
'you can have the car'
he calls out and adds
'i'll take your woman'
my husband's face
reveals his shock
as the light turns green
and the guy speeds ahead
laughing his arse off

written 11/10/05

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I think I would have had a great chuckle if I'd been there Faith, it does boost the 'ego' somewhat. Eh! ! ! ! ! Sincerely Ernestine