A True Theif

Poem By Nick Taddie

I am here alone looking back at it all
It seems time has no time to call
I step through the pages without any hold
My mind has been done already put in a mold

It seems that daddy walked out on his wife
Over some unnecessary strife
But where did he go where could he be
All I know is that daddy left me

He didn’t realized he had the world in his palm
The whole time mom played it all out calm
But inside a fire grows never to stop
Now I am lame, I feel I could drop

There’s no point in trying, not even a chance
I’ll just mess it up, he wont even glance
I’ll be left broken like the many times before
This girl’s no different soon she’ll ignore

Then the days will pass, I’ll say “hold strong”
But it’s hard to watch everyone getting along
Why is it I'm always left in the dust?
No one to love, no one to trust

I tell myself every day “I’ll change”
But realize something’s different and I am strange
It all goes back to one infamous night
Where one man decided to give up his right

His right to hold and love those around
His right for his son to not feel bound
Bound to his mind, his dysfunctions, his grief
Stolen away by a true thief

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