A True Writer

Without any desire to be a great literary name
A true writer does not write for money or fame
Though they too may daydream of some literary success
It is of love of writing they do write nonetheless

There are many writers in every town
Who will never know of the financial rewards of literary renown
Though they may never rise to the literary fore
They just write for enjoyment and little else more

As writers it does seem destined to lose out
In literary circles the people who are never spoken about
But they have no wish to give writing away
They just write for the love of it every day

Their manuscripts book publishers fail to impress
The reason they do not know of any literary success
And though they realize that any chance of literary success from them has gone
Their great love of writing keeps them writing on

Though of literary success of they realize they will never know
Their output as writers never cease to grow
Every day they write another story a poem or a play
The people who cannot give writing away.

by Francis Duggan

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There are many writes available but a true writer writes poems beautifully with positive thoughts. This is a nice sharing done here.10
The truth about the true writer... Excellent poem, sir Francis........10++++++++++